Nitro Light-Weight Steel Spool: GM 10.5", 14 Bolt, 40 Spline

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GM 14 Bolt, 10.5", Full Float
40 Spline, Nitro Light-Weight Steel Spool 

Differential: GM 14 Bolt (10.5") & Torq 14
Gear Ratio: 4.10 & Down, Any A/M Thick
Axle Splines: 40 (req. upgraded axles)
Ring Gear Bolts: 12 (included)
Manufacturer: Nitro Gear & Axle
Warranty: Lifetime


Black Bear Note: This is the baddest 14 bolt spool on the market!!!

Tech Note:
40 spline is an aftermarket upgrade. All of the vehicles listed will require new 40 spline axle shafts! 
GM 14 bolt - 10.5" is identified by the removable pinion support. 
Works with Torq-14 and load bolts! 

Nitro spools are the ultimate in traction and strength for racing and off-road use. Each spool is CNC machined and heat treated to ensure precise fit and uniform strength. This spools one-piece design withstands high horsepower and has no moving parts. With Nitro's new, improved design you can expect this spool to be nearly 10 lbs lighter!