ARB: Air Compressor, 12 Volt, Compact

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ARB Air Locker Compact Air Compressor CKSA12

CKSA12 - This compact vehicle mounted Air Locker Air Activation System has been specifically designed to provide on-board air for activating ARB Air Locker locking differentials. A smaller unit, it comes with a mounting bracket that allows versatile positioning and is sealed for moisture and dust resistance with quality components used for reliable compressed air and extra long life.

Voltage: 12 Volts
Current Draw No Load: 5 Amps
Current Draw Under Load: 6.5 Amps
Air Flow No Load: .88 CFM
Air Flow Under Load: .47 CFM
Weight: 5.3 Lbs
Duty Cycle: 35%
Size: 4.8" Height, 6.4" Length, 3.5" Width

Air Locker Solenoid Mounting Manifold
Pressure Cutout Switch
Air Filter Equipped
Small size means more options for fitment
Capable of running both front & rear air lockers simultaneously